Shows original 1969 Woodstock Music Concert stage. Concert goers and hippies did not need any tickets, real or fake, because it was made a free concert due to the huge volume of people that showed up in this location. Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin would both play, to overdose only months after this festival. Millions of fake "authentic" tickets were printed after the show, years later, because the whole world would want the tickets after the fact, and the market would give it to them. 180,000 tickets were sold, and there were no large quantities of original tickets in a safe for dealers to sell years later, but globe ticket company was still around for years after 1969 to make reprints, the same as the real ones were. From Alexy collection. Peace sign necklaces made from Vintage Original 1969 Woodstock Music Festival fence available on etsy, ebay, amazon, and